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There has long been the need to provide businesses operating in the township economy with the tools, skills and scale to compete effectively.

0360 is “All You Need” to achieve this.

Whether it’s expanding your customer base, faster ordering and delivery of goods, better prices, lower data costs or quick, safe and easy payments, 0360 is the solution.

0360 does this by integrating the latest telecommunications, payments and logistics technologies to create a seamless transaction, distribution and fulfilment ecosystem.

How do I get connected?

0360 offers a suite of services based on a flexible subscription and pricing model. It’s FREE to get connected, and in three easy steps you can choose a subscription to suit your needs and budget.

Step 1: Sign up on the Login/Register page [link to Login/Register] using your mobile number as your identity signifier.

Step 2: Create a profile, in one of three categories:

  • Customer (you want to buy goods and services on the 0360 platform)
  • Merchant (e.g. you operate a spaza shop, crèche, hair salon, car wash, restaurant, surgery, street vending outlet, )
  • Supplier (you supply products or services that qualify to be on the 0360 platform)

Step 3: Select a subscription level depending of the range of services you want.

Successive subscription levels come with increased service offerings:

0360.Me – my digital identity that stays with me on my 0360 journey

0360.Store – access to the 0360 store to browse and purchase goods

0360.Money – access to a 0360 e-wallet and cost-effective financial services

0360.Info – access to free learning content and personal productivity and money-earning opportunities

0360.Live – access to a SIM card with market-leading voice & data packages as well as free voice and data calls within the 0360 network

0360.Email – access to your own personalised email account

0360.Cloud – access to a Business Consultant and business productivity tools

Silver subscribers will only be charged for the days you use the platform. Similarly, Gold and Platinum subscribers can switch on/off week by week or month by month depending on your needs. This offers maximum flexibility and convenience to suit your needs and budget.